How Is Your Roof Breathing?

 Adequate roof ventilation will help reduce utility bills, extend the life of your shingles and protect your house from expensive future repairs.

Wind Turbines

These deluxe Wind Turbines  are 100% maintenance free and even offer a LIFETIME warranty.  Available in 12″ or 14″ sizes, these externally braced turbines are made of durable rust free aluminum and now come with with various color options.  

Power vents

Power Vents are outfitted with an electric motor and blade that are designed to quickly exhaust heat or humidity from any attic. Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, they automatically turn on when cooling is needed. Electrical outlets are required for new installations.

Ridge vent

Ridge Vents are installed at the peak of a sloped roof, which allow heat and condensation to escape at the most effective location. By bringing in cool air from the soffit vents below, an entire attic is vented by a constant flow of outside air.  

Solar vents

Go GREEN with Solar powered vents that reduce utility costs with an  environmentally friendly brushless motor. These vents require no electricity or maintenance. Additionally, these high-end solar panels are impact resistant and are tested to withstand hail and foreign object impact for long-lasting operation.

low profile vents

These aluminum static vents are exhaust vents by design. The convenient size make these great economical options for ventilating strategic areas of your roof. Available in 4 popular colors and they even include a   bird-proof construction design.

radiant barrier

A Radiant barrier roof-decking is a cost-efficient product that helps block radiant heat from entering the attic, which can save homeowners up to 15% per month on air conditioning costs. With Radiant barrier decking much of the heat is reflected away from the roof resulting in significant energy savings.